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Chelsea Littman

Chelsea Littman explores texture and surface through the medium of hot glass, most recently diving into the world of enamels, experimenting with the process in a variety of ways. Interested in curves and accentuated lines, her broad range of subject matter often includes the figure, as she is most interested in the human condition and what it means to navigate this world in this form. Her Lovely Lady Lumps series of small sculpted and enameled figures celebrate all the various shapes and styles of the amazing goddess form that is woman. Her blown glass production line, Pebble Beach Series, uses layers of color on the surface to create the feeling of where the water meets the rocky beaches and that beautiful space of meditation and oneness with earth, where she often returns to calm the constant nagging of ego and all its needs. Creating these pieces is an active meditation, as the process requires full presence.  Her series of enameled frame castings delve into the murky waters of memory, inspired by photographs and moments that were particularly meaningful and the light just right, bringing the joy of photography into her glass work, immortalizing moments that so easily slip away into the past.

Working as a professional assistant to Stephanie Trenchard and Jeremy Popelka has offered her a space to grow and develop as an artist in a vibrant community of talented supportive creatives like herself.  She has been working with hot glass for 13 years and has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Alfred University, New York. Her studio space at the Tambourine Lounge has been a blessing and a sanctuary and is where she does all the drawing, writing, planning, and photography of her glass.

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