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Dale Vanden Houten

I was raised on a dairy farm located on Wisconsin’s beautiful Door Peninsula where every day I was surrounded by beautiful scenery. I currently split my time between St Paul, MN and Egg Harbor, WI.

I began my journey into printmaking in 2006. Over time my art has evolved from being fairly representational to what I currently describe as nature based abstraction. At this point in my life, art making is my full time occupation.

Experimentation with processes and materials is a large part of what comprises my art. For me it is the physical and spiritual nature of making art and object that matters most. My two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks utilize printmaking as the primary vehicle of creative expression and paper as the main substrate. The multitude of processes that are possible with printmaking and the inherent qualities of the materials involved, especially that of paper, is an important part of my art and a constant subtext throughout. My art captures the unique marriage of process and image that is distinctly printmaking.

Greatly inspired by the natural world, my artworks reflect my personal response to the “nature of nature”. They are studio assemblages – distillations from my sketchbooks, observations, visual memories, photographs and even found objects that represent the whole of nature. Much of my art reveals the close-up and minute details that I notice – patterns, textures, even the energy of the natural world. My art is a collection of natural elements that I have rearranged through abstraction.

I make and sell my artworks at “Two Bridges Studio and Gallery” located in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

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