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Dale Vanden Houten

The artworks from my current body of work titled “Inter/Sections” explore the idea of doubleness through compositions that reflect, oppose, and mirror each other. The play of positive and negative spaces emphasizes duality coupled with geometric abstraction. I use abstraction to express my own personal relationship with the objective world within the boundaries of pure color and form. 

I am influenced by historical movements such as Russian Suprematism, De Stijl and Minimalism, as well as artists such as Ben Nicholson, Ilya Bolotowsky, Carmen Herrera, Ellsworth Kelly and Robert Kelly.

The formal language of printmaking is my medium of choice. My collaged geometric abstractions merge hints of the historical with the contemporary. These Post-Minimalist compositions explore the paired down tools of line, form and color-field geometry printed over backgrounds of collaged mark-making, or found print ephemera collected from my travels and scrounging through antique stores and flea markets. These layered compositions are full of tension and well thought out intersections exposing the histories of my tactile decisions. They yield a completeness without the need of references or symbolic otherness to give them meaning. The results are akin to palimpsest where I build my imagery over previously inhabited ground, layering materials, documents, and images, then covering and nearly wiping out their previous messages andimages, yet still bearing visible traces of their original beauty.

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