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Jeanne Kuhns

I find moments of meditation appear mystically in the setting of the natural world. I’m drawn to the angle of the light and shadow and the balance of the two, I’m drawn to the nostalgia of the moment, the way the landscape, or subject make you feel, how they fill your heart.  I’m a storyteller in the end and paint is a way to tell the story.

I paint with thin layers of acrylic paint on canvas or board. My technique is simple but takes time to create the depth of color and light with multiple layers.

I hope you find your own sense of peace and meditation when you look at my landscapes, I hope you meet a new person and learn their part in the mandela of life in my portraits, and I hope you learn about the joy of nature and the fragile balance it takes to maintain it in my fox paintings and other nature paintings.


45 S 3rd Ave. Sturgeon Bay, WI 54325

Phone: 920-365-6117

You can also find my art online at:


*Appointments welcome after the Art Crawl*

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