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Monica works in vibrant acrylic colors, using textured strokes on canvas and wood, creating unique abstract paintings of various sizes. She brings her passion to her studio every day, honing her skills and listening to her favorite disco music.

Monica is the founder of Mona Lucy’s Art. The name “Mona Lucy” came from her childhood name of Mona and her middle name Lucille.

Monica started with sketches and creative activities when just a girl. As a young adult, her creativity blossomed in an activities position in a nursing home. Thriving in the healthcare setting, she pursued a career in the field, advancing as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in local and regional management, retirement communities. It was during her last position as a Director of Operations for a hospice organization that her original artistic passion returned through creative work with dying patients and her employees. Inspired, she studied art therapy at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, becoming a Certified Art Therapist. Monica created an educational program, Art Therapy for the Soul, for lay and professional audiences, to help spread the good word of art as a balm for the sick and the well.

 Hobbies include: wood crafting, clay, pencils, chalk, and bowling.

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