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Monica Ramirez

As an acrylic artist in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, I’m passionate about crafting vibrant, textured paintings that reflect the area’s natural beauty. Through bold hues and varied techniques like layering and impasto, I aim to capture the essence of Door County’s stunning landscapes. In my gallery-studio, I offer an immersive experience, sharing my creative process with visitors. Experimentation with new techniques adds excitement, inviting viewers to appreciate my work on a deeper level. Ultimately, I strive to evoke joy and wonder, portraying scenes from bustling city streets to serene sunsets. Each painting is a celebration of the word’s boundless beauty, sparking new perspectives.


Mona Lucy Gallery

626 Jefferson St. Sturgeon Bay, WI. 54325

Phone: 920-495-0651

You can also find my art online at:

Mona Lucy Gallery



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