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Linda Sheard

Clay is a dynamic medium that can be worked infinite ways. In my 48 years as a potter the only constant is an interesting form with a thoughtfully designed surface. Each piece is expertly crafted and complex.  At this point in time I’m interested in architectural lines and compositions. The surface designs tend towards clean, pressed, inscribed and applied textural patterns. I incorporate colored stains and slips using a pallet knife to paint with. Wood ash glazes cover the entire pot and are fired up to 2300 degrees in a gas reduction kiln. The atmosphere inside the kiln causes vivid colors and earthy warmth. I love the outdoors and you will see the colors and patterns of water, sky, sand and forests represented in my work.

During the Art Crawl I will be exhibiting at :

3450 N. Lake Michigan Dr. Sturgeon Bay, WI. 54235

Phone: 920-743-3950


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