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Bonnie Hartmann

The beauty of nature; themes, patterns, and variations are my sources of inspiration.  Making art is a search for clarity and simplicity, creating a moment of visual magic or poetic thought. This work is an attempt to create visual haiku where one encounters the singular, with space for quietude. Getting to the essence is an aspiration, to savor a sense of connectedness to the landscape and things dearly loved with reverence and tranquility.

Art supposes that beauty is not an exception – is not in despite of – but is the basis for an order…Art does not imitate nature, it imitates a creation, sometimes to propose an alternative world, sometimes simply to amplify, to confirm, to make social the brief hope offered by nature.  -Jon Berger

Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. -Leonardo Da Vinci

6189 Mt Olive Road Sturgeon Bay, WI.  54235

Phone: 920-746-0880

*Appointments welcome after the Art Crawl*

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