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Retirement afforded me the opportunity to learn the art of watercolor. I thought to myself, “What is it that intrigues me about this art form? What is a painting and what are the processes of producing one?”

Contemplate what it is that an artist strives for, in learning his craft.
My answer took me by surprise. Is an artist, a messenger, craftsman, magician, a master of illusion?  Why create a painting?
Most paintings are perceived as three-dimensional in nature. But what do we have to work with other than a flat one-dimensional plane?

I therefore propose that an accomplished artist is a master of illusion. An artist may produce a painting, capable of tricking your mind to see objects three-dimensionally. With light and shadow, line and space, we create depth, movement and mood.

We have the liberty to paint something as it exists, or change things to our muse. It affords the opportunity to preserve an emotional moment in time, that touches you, the viewer. This allows the artist to help convey their personal inspiration to preserve a scene for posterity.

Every painting asks the viewer to feel a connection. Can you relate emotionally to the subject?

As a Door County artist, I am inspired by our natural beauty. Which encompasses endless opportunities of subject matter.   I choose a scene because “it speaks to me”.

During the Art Crawl I will be exhibiting at :

142 S. 3rd Ave. Sturgeon Bay, WI. 54235

Phone: 920-493-7026

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