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Julia Redwine

I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me in Door County, Wisconsin.  The shapes and textures of nature allow me to explore this imagery and transform it utilizing oil and cold wax.  By building up and removing layers of color, I work with the paint until it transforms itself into a feeling of nature- both serene and harsh.  As the landscape continuously changes, so do the colors and textures I use to express my surroundings.

As an avid scuba diver, many of my abstract pieces are reminiscent of my time under water.  This unique underwater world is full of shapes and textures I find spiritual and full of wonderment.

Through abstract designs, I seek to awaken the spirit of nature. 

Visit our gallery at:

Two Bridges Studio & Gallery
(By appointment or chance, and during the art crawl)


Phone: 847-560-3796

You can also find my art online at:

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