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Lori Bednarz

Mother Nature is the artist, I just have the eye to see it and the adventuresome spirit to find it. I look to the natural world and its artifacts for the raw material I use in my work.

I want to embrace, enjoy, and create with it!

While some people may see something as imperfect, I see it as a textured inspiration, revealing my inner child, my humor, and the enjoyment of invention. Other work reflects a deeper desire to express more complex investigations where the soul of the artist resides in my assemblies. 

Enjoy looking at Nature through my eyes!

Lori Lee Bednarz

**Each piece is an original, unique to itself as Nature is. They cannot be duplicated.

Before moving to Door County, I found exploring the beaches of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to be a place of great peace and joy for me. This inspired me to use found objects from this field work to create a series of assembled artworks.

I also enjoy garden design, pottery, and dabble in other creative endeavors. My ultimate focus has been using driftwood and various other ephemera to work intuitively in creating my work.

Visit my studio and gallery at:

110 S 2nd Ave Sturgeon Bay, WI.  54235

Phone: 920-559-7894

*Appointments welcome after the Art Crawl*

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