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Artist: Michael Doerr

Artist: Michael Doerr

Welcome to our Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl website! Here is a brief history of what has become a beloved tradition in Door County, WI…

The first Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl was held in November of 2007, the weekend before Thanksgiving, and has continued on that weekend ever since.

The event was the October brainchild of four artist friends who wanted to present their artwork to the public. Even with only word-of-mouth advertising and a small postcard mailing, that first Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl proved a big success.

The following year the number of artists doubled and the planning started much earlier: September!

The Crawl has grown and changed over the years; the number of artists is up to over 30 this year who show work from paintings and woodworking to ceramics and photography. Other changes over the years: the number and geographic range of visitors has steadily increased, the Crawl produces an annual brochure, invests in advertising, gives away an original artwork as a door prize, promotes the event on social media, and helps support young artists. But all along one part of the mission has stayed the same – welcoming the public into the artists’ home studios and galleries so that visitors can experience the artwork where it is made and engage in conversation with the artists.

We hope you can take part in this and future Sturgeon Bay Art Crawls whether in person or by following us through our website or Facebook page, “Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl.” You may also contact us and provide us with your email and mailing addresses for further correspondence.

Thank you for your interest and your love of art!

Hello to all of our Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl followers!
Whether you live near or far, have visited our Art Crawl annually, or follow us on-line, we extend our greetings and wishes for your health and safety during these difficult times. We send heart-felt condolences to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones during the pandemic.
We are sad to report that the 2020 Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl, Nov. 20 – 22, will not look like it has in the past. We are not sure exactly what it will look like, but we do know that the majority of our artists will not be able to open their doors to the public this year.
The most important part of our mission has been to invite people to come indoors, see where and how we create our art, and to talk with you about what we do. A number of our artists have studios which are open to the public regularly and have been able to keep their doors open safely; they plan to be open on the scheduled days. But there are other artists who don't feel safe inviting people into their home studios this year.
We will keep you updated as to who will be open and any other venues of display (physical and virtual) that may be open during that ever-popular weekend before Thanksgiving.  But for now we want to emphasize that you can always keep up with us as a group and as individual artists via our Facebook page, “Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl,” and right here on our website.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we create a Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl 2020 that will work the best for everyone. Please take care.